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Try this new innovative cock ring from Screaming O that is specifically designed to massage the perineum during intercourse. The perineum (also known as ‘taint’) is a sensitive part of the male body that when stimulated using firm pressure, can intensify men’s orgasms significantly. The SlingO has a small solid silicone ball at its tip perfectly positioned to stimulate this area without vibration or manual stimulus. Stretchy yet snug, this contoured sling doesn’t just provide erection support, it also introduces men to a new, especially enjoyable sensation that they may not even know they loved. So sling into action with the SlingO to experience a new way to climax. * 100% Premium, Body-Safe, Stretchy Silicone * Phthalate & Latex Free * One Size Fits Most * Reusable * Waterproof * Colours may vary

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